Every polyester company can not manufacture slides. Because the slide starts as a model mold product, all the time until the installation in the field is the processes that require R&D, engineering, production knowledge and drawing. In our country, although there are companies that perform these works and operations with their worth, they can be done in illicit and unregistered production. At this point, some manufacturers produce in compliance with EN standards, while some manufacturers produce without technical tests on earthquake resistance, snow, rain, wind, water load, own load, person load, live load. It should not be forgotten that the accident risks that may occur in these projects with high costs should always be considered and appropriate choices should be made accordingly.

There are three companies that can make “RTM” production in the aquapark sector and other companies produce hand lay-up. It will be ethical for people who need aquapark and water slides to pay attention to the production differences, to visit the manufacturer and to examine the references when making a bid comparison.

Water Slide Safety Norm