In the tourism sector, families prefer hotels with large water parks due to the search for alternative entertainment. In this regard, kid’s are effective in purchasing processes. Because during the time spent in the accommodation facility, water activities are highly preferred.

The most important activity for families with children in choosing a tourism business is about water parks. According to the results of the research named “The Effects of Children on Family Purchase Decisions” on the subject, kid’s preferences are very important during family holidays. In order for the emotional bond between mother, father and child to be strengthened, they should have a good holiday. For this reason, hotels should build a kid’s pool, playground, children’s meal menu, amusement park, special animation shows, water park, water slides, water playgrounds, aquaparks, special family rooms.

The researches made include “water slides, water playgrounds, water park, aquapark and so on. The answer to the question “Having activities like kid’s is an important factor in our choice of hotel” is the second highest rate with 68.3%. (Spring-2013 Volume: 12 Issue: 45 (105-122) Table-4)

Hotels and businesses pay close attention to kid’s playgroup products and designs while preparing projects. They can get design support from our company so that they can get professional assistance in architectural drawings. There is also an assortment of serious “Poolifes Company” engaged in the production of the latest technology in water parks and water slides Turkey.

Turkey is engaged in manufacturing related to water parks and water slides “Poolifes” firm is to build a safe and aesthetically water park in this regard. Our company, which carries out R&D studies for new products for kid’s, launches a different product every year.

Our company pays attention to TS EN-1176 standards in the production of kid’s slides and kid’s playground products. It also manufactures products that comply with TS EN-1176/3 slide safety norms. Safety norms are very important in manufacturing for kid’s play activities. As a company, we are very sensitive to this situation. As Poolifes Company, we produce interactive game towers, Aquatower, water playgrounds, animation playgrounds, kid’s waterslides, kid’s tube waterslides, kamikaze kid’s waterslides, kid’s waterslides with boats, extreme kid’s waterslides and standard slides.

We are a manufacturer of water slides in Turkey. Our children are very valuable to us. Quality and safety are our top priority.