Monoblok Fiberglass Pool, Monoblok Polyester Pool

Fiberglass, with its name in the sector, Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP); It is a versatile material used in many industries such as aircraft, space shuttle, automotive, entertainment industry, public spaces, marine and energy. It is light, healthy, durable and the manufacturing process is fast. The product can be obtained by molding the desired form or shape. In short, fiberglass is the material of our age.

Fiberglass, polyester or glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) pools are widely used in America and Europe. Fiberglass pools are very advantageous compared to reinforced concrete and linear pools considering their durability, hygiene, water tightness and installation time. Fiberglass pools, which need much less maintenance after assembly and go one step ahead with less chemical use, are highly preferred due to the short manufacturing process. Due to its structure and smooth surface, fiber pools are waterproof, light, moss-proof and portable pool status.

Fiberglass pools can be produced in the form of monoblock or segmented pools. However, being produced in the form of a monoblock provides a very long-lasting use. In order to avoid transportation problems in single-piece pools, production can be made with a width of 4.00 meters and a length of 12.00 meters (the largest). Fiberglass pool surface can be covered with a paint or mosaic called gelcoat.

As a company, we produce pools with 6 different molds. Fiberglass pools can also be manufactured in requested new models and sizes. It is truly amazing to have a pool ready to swim in as little as 1 week with the production process.