Water slide accidents; creates risky and permanent damage. In this regard, manufacturers should design and produce according to all norm requirements. The most important reason for water slide accidents; The fact that there is no technical work on the project or the work done is not in accordance with the norms. Before the project drawings are produced, they should be subjected to structural tests and metal construction should be made accordingly.

The project should be drawn in accordance with EN-1069 norms. Every detail that needs to be implemented in the project is very important. There are many factors such as inclination angle, water flow, radius and safety barriers applied in turns, pool water depth, level difference in the connection parts of the parts, the strength of the metal construction, the fasteners used, the galvanization process to be applied on the metal construction and the presence of protrusions on the slide parts that can damage the body. All these requirements must come together with high precision. For this reason, these details should be considered when purchasing products and purchases should be made accordingly. In addition, the manufacturer’s references should be viewed in the field.

Platforms and slides produced to be cheap without taking the necessary precautions wear out in a short time and cause various injuries.

As a manufacturer of Poolifes water slides and fiberglass pools, we pay attention to all these issues. We produce by making detailed drawings of the project.

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