Hand Lay Up - poolifes - waterparks - water slide- aquapark
Hand Lay Up
It is also known as hand depositing technique. The product is taken over a single mold. Unlike RTM, its inner surface is shiny and the outer surface is slightly rough.
Transculent - poolifes - waterparks -water slide - su kaydırakları
It is known as the method by which the product is produced using semi-transparent polyester and pigment.
RTM - aquapark - water slide
Thanks to this technology, a homogeneous thickness product with bright inner and outer surfaces is obtained with the double mold system.
Natural-Effect - su kaydırakları - aquapark - poolifes
Natural Effect
It is a natural light effect application that creates an adrenaline and visual feast in tube slides. It is the effect created by patterns that provide light transmittance by using transparent pigment and polyester.