Aquaparks or  water slides ; It is a bit more costly than slide groups used in parks and gardens. Namely, these slide groups in parks and gardens are known as dry slides and are made of plastic material.Water slides are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP), which is used in almost every sector today (Aviation, defense industry, car parts, theme parks, etc.).After processing on the mold together with polyester glass fiber, the product is formed through a number of processes.The reason why water slides are not made of plastic material is that it is the most durable product against water, chlorine, UV rays, sun, rain, snow.

So what is the average slide price? In order to get an answer to this question, it is important that what kind of slide we want and where you want it to be installed is suitable for this. Body slides are produced with a minimum of 19 meters.Unit meter price varies between 340 € and 490 € on average. Taking into consideration that an average of 2500kg-3000kg steel construction is used in these prices, the small adult slide varies between 11000 € and 15000 € on average.

Here, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following. While some companies in Turkey RTM production which is available in handmade production. While some companies produce slides and steel constructions that comply with EN norms, There are companies that do not pay attention to these issues. It is necessary to pay attention to the difference here.

In summary, if you want a single rotary slide, the upper limit of the prices starting from 10000 € changes according to your wish, the price of the single flat slide starts from 5000 €.It is offered with prices starting from 18000 € in double slides. The prices do not include transportation services to your area, crane costs for installation and water pumps (prices starting from 2000 €) to be used for slides.

If you plan to open a business, you should definitely have a slide and steel construction in accordance with the norms. Because, if people have an accident during entertainment, they will find the crime not in their own fault, but in the deficiency in the business. This situation may cause your business to be closed, although there are examples in the past.

Our production is in RTM form, if desired, it can be made in normal production.Our steel construction system and slides are designed and installed in accordance with the norms. Before the installation, all kinds of information are available in the project and they are mounted on the field only by screwing. (Cutting, welding etc. operations are not applied in the field.)

Please contact us for detailed pricing information. As the manufacturer, we provide the best price guarantee.