Resin : Ctp coating technique uses Polyester resin, which is divided into two classes as Bisphenolic and isophthalic. For example ; Acid Coatings are selected on acid and its derivatives with high chemical resistance (…..) bisphenolic polyester resin. (It is important to pay attention to acid coatings. ) If there is a choice in water coatings, ctp coating is applied as isophthalic and bisphenolic.

Resin: It is a liquid that can be used in surface hardening of glass fiber, depending on the application area.

Fiberglass: Variable glass felt or mesh according to the application place, forming the Ctp insulation layers.

Cortel: Auxiliary material that moves according to the sub-flooring application place.

Cobalt: During the resin application, the mixture is mixed according to the ambient values.

Peroxit: The material used without curing resin glass fiber according to the ambient values before application.

Aerosil: Increasing the density of the gelcoat according to the application area used in gelcoat making.

Gelcoat: Ctp insulation gel-like liquid forming the last layers.

Pigment: Coloring paste added to Ctp insulation surface or during application.

Paraffin: A certain amount of chemical added to the gelcoat application.

Styrene: Resin balancing chemical according to the ambient values of the application area.

Thinner: Auxiliary chemical used in cleaning of tools and equipment