Aquapark and water slides models are almost the same in all manufacturers of the industry. There may be some productive differences only in products with size changes.

Accordingly, the generally known adult slide product groups are listed below with their different names.

  • Body Slide
  • Aquatube Slide
  • Racer Slide
  • Wide Slide
  • Multi Slide
  • Black Hole Slide
  • Rafting Slide
  • Space Holl
  • Rocket Slide
  • Bumerang Slide
  • UpHill Slide

Children’s playground slides are listed as follows.

  • Pirate Ship
  • Clown Shower
  • Elephant Slide
  • Frog Slide
  • Twin Kids Slide
  • Rabbit Slide
  • Snake Slide
  • Dolphin Fountain
  • Mushroom Waterfall
  • Aquatower